Our mission is to remind you, that you have your own wings to fly freely, following your dreams.
Fair trade
To create a new way of seeing business, as a structure, where each person involved is treated as a family. Where growth of a company is equal to a growth for every individual. Where we support each other thru the tough times. We are one, and all what we create with love, will bring light in to this world.
In our world, every Mother has enough time for their children and the ability to provide for them.
This company build upon a strong relationships and trust between people.

I've created feather hair extensions Plume Angel and solved my own problem of a thin hair. Running a beauty business in the past, I would just take someone else's hair and pretend it is mine. That was not right. Now I am offering everyone the option to make their hair thicker and longer with the fair-trade Feather Hair Extensions. Now I am teaching Balinese mothers that freedom! To do work when they want, for how long they can to make amounting money they need to feel secure.
They are making a beauty for you in their own homes with the ability to put their children and family first.

Over the past 5 years, 82 Balinese women have chosen to work with Plume Angel. I've trained them to make high-quality of product. As for now only 19 of them are permanently working. We want to give stable job for all of them. Your contribution will provide for materials and continuous production to be sold by our current family of 77 traveling Angels, to ensure everyone comfort and freedom.

With love, Elf
"I am just a girl. What can I do, to change the world... But the question is - what will I!?

Here is my story.

I used to live in a big industrial city. From there I wasn't able to see what we as society do. Coming to developing countries paying less as possible to get made what we want. But who make those products? How is their life's? "Made in China" - you know that common label. But what does it mean? Underpaid? You know how those people are treated. We all know. I am proud that my products are made in Bali by the people, who love what they do. The quality of life is our highest priority. This ripple effect will influence other communities in the world.

I am looking for people, who stand up for the human rights and want to make a change, who can see that behind each product, there is a live person. I am speaking to you. You, who just believe me that together we can make the world a better place. Feathers a reminding you that you have your own wings to fly free, following your dreams. With this project, I am following mine! And I'm doing it now. Join me."