Delivery of the product
We deliver our products throughout the whole world.

Most products are shipped within 2 business days from the moment the order has been placed, unless there is customizing to be done.

Products are delivered by DHL and delivery time depends upon it's work. Once shipped to your country, it takes from 5 to 7 business days for the order to be delivered to your address.

Delivery costs equal 20$ to every country.
You can pay for the goods from our web site using the bankcard or Pay Pal – in any currency.

Prices on our web site are quoted in USD.
About the product
Wearing hair extension, you can easily wash your hair, swim in the pool and the sea, dye your hair with feathers or wrap them in foil to avoid color change and damage. You can use products to take care of your hair, except for the oil and alcohol. How to:

You can wear hair extensions from 3 to 6 months. It depends on your hair treatment, how often you comb and braid it etc. Normally the extension will remain on your hair for as minimum as 3 months, unless you want to remove it earlier.

We use natural dyes for coloring our feathers, which do not cause an allergy and do not pollutes the environment. However, it begins to wash off from feathers in about 1 months – they will not be as bright as they are at the start of use.

You can buy 10 strands or more. We do not send less than 10 strands. One strand is 50cm long. You can cut strands and use all parts, if your hair is shorter.

You can easily apply feather extension at home. Or visit a the beauty salon what does normal hair extensions so they can assist you. If you like to be served by one of our traveling Angels, please click the link below and request closest to you Angel:

Hooks of our earrings are made of surgical steel, which do not cause an allergic reaction.

We send the product in the individual beautiful box, which protect it during the delivery process.

The whole range of products from our website is available now, or it may be manufactured for you within 1-2 days.
Return or exchange of the product
If you receive the product and something is wrong with it, you can return it. But we consider any case thoroughly.
If you want to return the product for some reason, text us -