We are working solely with the feathers of birds, raised at freedom.

Feathers are sometimes referred to as waste and when burned they can cause ecological problem. We purchase them and recycle.

We have three levels of feathers disinfection:
After gathering, we disinfect feathers, and then part of them is dyed by batik paint in order to avoid poisoning. Not dyed feathers are sorted by color, size and shape. There are around 6000 colors. We use feathers to form the product design and then we assemble finished product. At least 7 people are working with every product and their efforts always are paid decently. People, who buy products, understand that there are people and series of events behind every product.

When we order feathers, we always find the content of a parcel as a surprise. We are opening delivered boxes with the great excitement, curious to see what we received. When it comes to feathers, there is no standard package. However, we love it as this is the sign of Nature – all is unique and nothing really repeats itself.

Sometimes it may happen that the color you want is not available. There is a reason for it. We do not tell the supplier to send us the "right" color right now. We do not cooperate with suppliers that would fulfill such order at the cost of hurting the bird. Our goal is to avoid suffering.
In Plume Angel, we honor Mother Nature and her gifts, feathers, which she is so generously giving to us. No matter which color and shape we receive. Even if it might not fit our orders at given moments, we work with what we have.