77 Traveling Angels are carring our products for you! We are carefully choosing the most incredible people in the world, to spread our wings together!

Angels have their personal choices of their favorite creations of Plume Angel. It is Earrings, Clips, Headbands and Extensions.

Angels trained to apply Plume Angel Feather Extensions to your hair and add a touch of their personal style.

Fill the application form on the right and we will find the closest Angel to you, who will contact you in 1-2 days.

Important: Angel may not have all products, which are placed on our web site. Make sure about their availability before the meeting.
Our Angels, are happy, powerful, successful, kind, and beautiful people who shares the same values and passion in life to bring light in to this world! Don't be surprised if your Life coach, Yoga teacher, Tantra trainer, or another beautiful person you can across will call themselves Angels, because for us they are! You can recognize them by the bright smile!
Traveling the world, they carry our products to introduce you to Plume Angel and support our Family!