Purple Brunette

Feather extensions are the opportunity to make your look beautiful and bright staying yourself. It is a cool way to decorate your hair and increase its volume. Moreover, you can feel lightness and inspiration.

We take natural brunette feathers as a base and all the other colors are added to them. Whether you are blonde, brown hair or brunette, it will perfectly suit you!

Colors: Brunette, violet
Length: every string is 50 cm long. You can cut them in a way, so that it fits your hair length.
How to attach feather extensions: you can use any technique as normal hair extensions, Keratin, Metal Crimps, which ever you feel is best for your Hair.
The kit includes: a crimp beads and threader – using these tools, you can attach feather extensions at home.
The quantity of feathers in every extension: 60.
Approximate time of usage: from three to six months, depending on how you will wear it.
Pack of 10 Extensions.